Change Your Eating Habits

Try pre-portioned meals in Charlotte, NC 

Did you know meal preparation is a great way to cut back on unhealthy foods and overeating habits? Next Level Nutrition takes meal prep to—you guessed it—the next level. We’ll prepare your dishes for you.

From microwavable dinners to healthy ice cream, we have something for everyone to indulge in. Call 704-909-0902 today to get your pre-portioned meals in Charlotte, NC.

3 perks of having a meal service

3 perks of having a meal service

You’re a busy person. That’s why you need a meal option that’s fast and gives you the nutrients you need to perform your best. Choose Next Level Nutrition for meal services to:

  1. Relish in the fact that you don’t have to cook
  2. Enjoy flavors that are fresh and in-season
  3. Indulge in food that’s tasty and good for you

We work with Shredded Meals to offer fresh daily and weekly meal plan options. Sign up for a meal service in Charlotte, NC and get your dishes in store today.